VovSoft Sticky Notes v7.6 Multilingual

VovSoft Sticky Notes v7.6 Multilingual | File Size: 8.8 MB

Add digital stickers to your desktop and create reminders for your upcoming events, tasks or meetings using this intuitive software.Place helpful sticky notes on your desktop and set up reminders for important events, with this straightforward, easy-to-use application. Given that most of us spend hours in front of our computers every day, it makes perfect sense to place important reminders on our desktop, where it is almost impossible not to notice them.

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Lucion FileCenter Suite 11.0.40 DC 02.02.2022

Lucion FileCenter Suite 11.0.40 DC 02.02.2022 | 291 Mb
FileCenter DMS is the most fully-featured and inexpensive document management software for small offices. It combines easy scanning and file organization with powerful PDF creation and editing. It also includes OCR, search, and integration with cloud services like Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox. Feature-for-feature, FileCenter DMS delivers at a price the competition can’t touch.

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AllMapSoft OpenstreetMap Downloader v6.598

AllMapSoft OpenstreetMap Downloader v6.598 | File size: 10 MB

OpenstreetMap Downloader is a tool that can automatically download the OpenstreetMap images to your PC. It can download the small tiles and save them to your hard disk, including the normal, transpot and cycle layers, opensea map, opensnow map, etc.

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MetatOGGer Multiligual

File size: 84 MB

MetatOGGer is a comprehensive software application designed for managing your music collection when it comes to tagging, renaming and organizing audio tracks with the OGG and MP3 format. It primarily addresses users with some background in such apps. The interface of the utility is clean and intuitive. Importing audio tracks into the workspace is done by using either the file browser, folder view or "drag and drop" method; you can add as many items as you want. For each song in the list you can view the artist, title, date, album, genre and track number, as well as edit any of these fields by simply clicking them. An important feature of MetatOGGer lets you apply tailor-made tags, and all you have to do is write a name and value.

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Ultra RamDisk 1.70 Pro

File size: 7.0 MB

A lightweight tool that you can use to create a new drive on your hard disc using the RAM memory you have available on your computer. The speed with which various applications run on your computer is influenced by the hardware configuration. A component that has a decisive role in that matter is the hard drive.

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